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Another little known destination..... Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

We were fortunate last summer to discover Riding Mountain National Park in the middle of Manitoba elevated 457 metres on a beautiful escarpment. It is a charming National Park with a combination of traditional old log Parks Canada buildings, crooked mountain cabins, hiking and biking trails, 2,000 water bodies, and gourmet food in Wasagaming. In 1986, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designated Riding Mountain National Park as part of its Man and the Biosphere Programme.

Grey Owl (Archibald Belaney) built a cabin here in 1931 and spent a short time trying to reintroduce the beaver in this area. The cabin is one of the Park sites that you can visit.

By Library and Archives Canada

According to Parks Canada, Riding Mountain National Park is home to a staggering diversity of living things. The windswept grasslands and deep, silent forests, of secretive wolf packs, of orchids and lilies, of lakes and wetlands singing with life.

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